• A Numbers Game

    A few years ago I was chatting online with a couple who were considering a move to Tennessee. They were in Southern California and they were all about how Tennessee is a big attraction to people in California for two reasons: You can buy six times the house plus acreage here for the same money as a cookie cutter house in the suburbs in California. There is no state income tax in Tennessee, so a paycheck in Tennessee gets an immediate boost of 6%, 8% or even 10%, depending upon the state tax brackets where you used to live and pay taxes.

    The people moving into Tennessee from California are the second largest group of expats from another state. However, there are more people moving there from Michigan than from any other state. The difference is that the people from Michigan are typically young and middle aged blue collar workers chasing jobs in the automotive industry and the people from California are mature, white collar executives moving to corporate headquarters or starting their own businesses.

    I always find it interesting to follow the trends and then learn exactly how they come up with the numbers that they do and for what reason. As we all know you can make numbers do anything you want with them. Life is nothing but a numbers game after all!

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