• When applying for unsecured business loans you need to prepare a business plan

    Have you ever tried to get an unsecured business loan? I don’t mean a line of credit, I am talking about unsecured business loans. When I was taking my introduction to business courses in college the professor stressed the importance of having a really good business plan to take to the bank before applying for a loan. We had to study how to put together a business plan and it was right then and there that I realized that I never wanted to have to put one together and go to the bank to ask for money. What a pain in the neck it is to pull one together!

    To be perfectly honest, it has been over ten years since I took that course, and I really do not remember a whole lot about what needed to be done. I can remember that part of it was to tell the bank very specific details about who the customers of the business were, how the business would actually GET the customers, and a lot of other minute details that simply overwhelmed my poor brain. And that was very disturbing to me, because I’ve always prided myself on being very smart and quick to pick up and learn things. Somehow I think if I had to pull together a business plan I really don’t think that I could do that. I’d have to hire someone else to interview me and pull it together for me.

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