• Double A Batteries

    When we lost our electricity in a storm last week I was glad that I have little flashlights scattered around the house. I had bought a bunch of them at Wal Mart around Christmas and used them as stocking stuffers and little fun gifts for kids, and the ones not given away as gifts found a home here. I put one by the bed, one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one downstairs by the laundry equipment and then one in each car.

    The problem with all these flashlights is keeping enough batteries on hand. Thankfully, they all use the same size of battery, the small ones called Double A. So I bought a huge multi pack of AA batteries at Sams Club for about $15, and I keep those in the hall closet. Once in a while, perhaps two or three times a year, I will travel through the house and click on each flashlight to make sure they work, and if they need replacement batteries I have them right in the closet to take care of it!

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