• Dry ice is really interesting

    When I was in high school I was part of the senior class Homecoming float committee. We decided that we would incorporate dry ice in the float, adding water to it to make the float look like it was steaming and smoking. The theme of the float was the comic character named “Hot Stuff” and we wanted the float to look like there was smoke swirling around our guy.

    When I went to the gas company to buy the dry ice, the guys behind the desk asked me what I was going to use the dry ice for. They insinuated that I was going to use it for something illegal. I told them what the plan was, and then they went ahead and let me buy some. I don’t remember how expensive it was…

    Well, the float was a big hit, the float won first prize! And since the entire float design and dry ice idea was my idea, I was the hero of the day! When I saw this experiment involving dry ice on YouTube today, it brought back memories of that day back in high school. It’s too bad we didn’t have video cams and cell phones to record those things back then!

    This is a really interesting and fun-looking experiment that can be done in a home environment, with proper adult supervision. I wonder where I can buy dry ice around here!

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