• Burger King In The News Again

    Over the past couple of weeks I have been hearing that Burger King is in troubleĀ  with traces of horse meat being found in their popular and famous Whoppers over in the U.K. I don’t think any has been found in the burgers being sold over here in the states, thank goodness, since I tend to eat at Burger King a couple of times a month. I had to stop going to McDonald’s, because their food just doesn’t taste good to me any more. I used to love their $1 sweet tea, but that has started to taste too sweet and it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about drinking their sweet tea.

    Burger King In The News

    Burger King

    Thinking about the possibility of having horse meat placed in any of my food doesn’t set well with me. But there certainly could be worse things than horse meat that really make my stomach upset just thinking about the possibilities. I guess that is the chance that we take when we eat out and are at the mercy of the people in charge in the ordering, the preparing and the serving of our orders. I know a lot of people that refuse to eat out because of all of the horrible possibilities that are involved when you place your trust in anyone other than yourself.

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