• Men’s Wedding Rings

    I remember, back many, many years ago, when I was planning my wedding day, how I struggled with what to give as groomsmen gifts, for the 4 guys standing up for us on our big day. There was no Internet to help with the wedding accessories that are necessary for all the people involved in the process. It was a good thing that it was a wedding attended by numerous bikers, that made it a bit easier to find things, there was plenty of Harley Davidson products that we ended up utilizing and were appreciated by all. But the Internet certainly would have made the whole thing so much easier.

    Now that I have found out that my ol’ man lost his wedding ring months ago, but was afraid of telling me about it, it looks like we will be looking online for a replacement wedding ring. Back in the day we would have been very limited as to what we would be able to find in the good old fashioned brick and mortar stores. And since we aren’t in a huge rush, heck it’s been months since he lost the original one and has managed to do without for that long, I don’t see the need to rush right out and buy just any old ring. So far I really like the men’s wedding rings at jewelryvortex.com, but I have a feeling that we are going to butt heads when it comes down to the final decision and things could get real ugly around here.

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