• Should You Stay Married Because You Have Kids?

    Studies revealed that one in ten married couples stay in the relationship for the sake of the kids. As soon as the children are old enough to understand, then the split happens. It is a startling statistic that may do more harm than good. Pretending to be happy is a good idea, but it isn’t healthy. Kids aren’t always foolish and eventually they will see through it. Sometimes, separating amicably is better for the children both financially and emotionally. Besides setting up a California spousal support, financial and emotional support for the minors should be a top priority when negotiating divorce agreements.

    Effects of Separation on Children

    Attempting to work on the marriage because you see a glimmer of hope for you and your spouse is nobler than playing a happy family for the kids. Faking it will breed more tension and animosity. Married couples should understand that children are very receptive. They may keep quiet about what they know and feel but they are hurting. When it’s time for the break-up, children are bound to experience greater heartaches. Disregarding your own happiness may look like a huge sacrifice but allowing children to grow up in a household without love and trust will lead to more serious emotional effects. There are cases when the kids blame themselves for the parent’s situation. Others kids unconsciously follow the same footsteps when dealing with their own relationship woes.

    Lessen the Blow on Children

    Whichever side you look at it, separation will result to negative emotional effects to children. After all, who wants to grow up in a broken family? Instead of pretending, spouses who care for the children’s welfare should sit down and discuss what the separation entails. Asking their opinions about the matter will bring more light to the situation. After all, the children are part of the family. It’s only right to give them this opportunity to air their side. This also gives them a sense of importance which will somehow lessen the blow of the divorce. In the end, looking at their point of view will reveal if staying married for their sake will work or not.

    Getting Legal Counsel

    If the kids are too young, working with Heath Newton family lawyers will allow spouses to take care of their children with their best interests in mind. Legal steps are essential before, during, and after the separation to make sure that kids will grow up as normally as possible. Factors such as financial support and custody can be taken cared of with the expert’s guidance.

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