• A Thank You To The Non Profit Attornies

    It turns out that my nephew Rick actually hand wrote a thank you letter to the non profit attorney nc practice, Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP, who has giving him a good dose of inspiration to finish up in high school with good grades and many years of college, to become a non profit attorney himself. Rick had a very “rocky” childhood and we all didn’t think he would live long enough to become any where close to legal age. Yet he managed to get his life in order, which took a lot of hard work and tough love for the whole family for many troublesome years.

    Someone in the large circle of school friends that Rick has accumulated through the years, had a father who worked for this non profit lawyers practice. Through out the years Rick heard so much about how theses attorneys are so active with the involvement with numerous committees and commissions to improve our community. Funny how no one really remembers Rick talking about this man and what he did for a living. Rick did spend a lot of time over at that friend’s house as teenagers tend to do to socialize and to learn from various households and people that they are exposed to during that time of their life.

    I hope Rick gets a hand written letter back. There are still a few people and companies that still communicate without the aid of a cell phone, pager or the Internet. I’m proud of Rick. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to be able to say or type that!!!



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