• New Pastel Collection of Summer Jewellery

    Sally Ainsworth has her eye out for attractive gemstone jewellery for this summer.

    Goldsmiths has announced the launch of a new Pastel Collection of jewellery just in time for the summer season.

    The collection features three semi-precious gemstones noted for their delightful and timeless colours – blue topaz, pink topaz and amethyst – mounted in rings, pendants and earrings. Each piece has diamond accents that bring out the fire and sparkle in the stone.

    Topaz, of course, is the birthstone for November and has a long association with loyalty, love and healing. The ancients believed that blue topaz had cooling powers and could help heal burns. These same powers were also thought to have a great calming effect and could soothe tempers and prevent anger. These days, blue topaz is a symbol of romance, friendship and honesty, so blue topaz jewellery makes a great gift for loved ones or close friends.

    Pink topaz, the second of the gemstones used in the new line, was thought to have similar properties. It is also said to possess protective and healing properties and to represent love and beauty.

    The third stone featured in the new collection is amethyst. The birthstone for February, this violet-coloured gemstone is said to have powers of protection and healing, and to focus energy giving spiritual wisdom and guarding against self-deception. Placed under a pillow at night, it is supposed to bring pleasant dreams to the sleeper.

    For each of the gemstones there are five stunning pieces of jewellery, including earrings, pendants and rings.  Each piece perfectly complements the others so that they can be worn separately or together in an eye-catching ensemble.

    Drop earrings feature a 0.70 carat pear cut stone in a 0.33 carat total weight diamond surround. Priced at £599, the earrings are mounted on 9 carat white gold, and the timeless elegance of these earrings will delight any woman. Stud earrings are priced at £399 and have a delicate 0.65 carat pear cut stone in a 0.15 carat total weight diamond surround mounted on 9 carat white gold.

    The matching pendant is a 1.64 carat pear cut stone in a 0.10 carat total weight brilliant cut diamond surround mounted on 9 carat white gold. The effect is stunning and at only £299 is a must for your collection.

    The rings are available in two variants. A 1.55 carat stone complimented by 0.20 total carats of diamonds priced at £499. Or a 1.00 carat stone with 0.10 total carats of diamonds priced at £299. Both rings are crafted from 9 carat white gold.

    Worn singly or as a complete set, the pieces in the new Pastel Collection are the perfect accessory for summer wear. They would make a wonderful and meaningful gift that is guaranteed to please.

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