• Has Warmth Become a Luxury?

    It is no secret that we find ourselves living in some of the most frightful economic times in recent memory. While the cost of insurance policies, a new pair of shoes or even a simple loaf of bread are on the rise, increasing heating costs in the United Kingdom have been some of the most notable. To put this in perspective, the average cost to heat a home in 2004 was roughly £522 pounds per year. As of November of 2012, this price has risen to an astronomical £1,352 pounds pear year! Although many will naturally focus on the cost of the gas itself, we must not forget that a proper installation and maintenance of modern central heating systems and boilers is absolutely critical to help save money through modern efficiency.

    Central Heating Maintenance and Repairs

    One of the biggest problems with many older home heating systems is that they may not be burning gas at an optimum level. The end result will naturally be higher fuel costs. Older systems are less energy efficient, will use more gas to heat a home and are obviously prone to breakdowns during the long winter months. What many homeowners require is a free central heating assessment to truly discover how much money they could be saving by switching to a modern and efficient boiler or central heating system. Maintenance costs are low and many such appliances come with up to a ten-year warranty available. Indeed, the benefits of this switch far outweigh the risks of remaining with an older model.

    Unique Installation Requirements for the Unique Home

    Just as no two homes are alike, so will their heating needs differ. Professional analysts and engineers can help determine which boiler or heating system will prove to be the most efficient available while taking into account what can often times be a rather limited budget. by developing individual solutions for each property, the owner can remain rest assured that he or she is receiving only the most appropriate of heating services. Although a sign of the times is the necessity to curtail certain expenditures, heating should never be considered a luxury.

    A Low Price is an Attractive Price

    One common misconception is that the quality of one’s home heating unit will directly correlate with the price tag. In this day and age, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, many top-line brand names are available at unbeatable prices and with VAT, labour and parts included, there will be no hidden fees at the end of a repair or installation. In fact, there may even be the opportunity to win free boilers under certain circumstances.

    Winter is closer than we may think. There is no time better than the present to consider choosing a company that provides the warmth and comfort that every home deserves.

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