• The perils of lending things to friends and family

    For much of my life my brothers and sisters have told me that I am selfish. Even my parents have told me that! For as long as I can remember I have tried to be a kind and generous person, so being told that I am selfish upsets me. One way that I keep trying to “prove” to my family that I am not selfish is that I lend things that I own to other family members when they ask me.

    The dangers of lending things to friends or family, though, is that often you don’t get the items back at all. Other times they might be broken. To be honest I think that I’d rather not get the item back at all than to have it returned to me broken!

    Last week I lent my carpet steamer to my brother for a few days. I’ve never had any trouble with lending things to him before, but this time when he returned the carpet steamer to me the toggle clamps that hold the water tank to the unit were broken. I don’t know how much it is going to cost to repair the unit, but the way it is I can’t use the machine at all. And to make matters worse, my brother insists that he didn’t damage it!

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