• Watches Get Technical

    I remember the very first watch that I bought for my oldest son. He was ten years old, very mature, and he kept very busy with a variety of after school activities. I decided that he needed to start wearing a watch, for the most part so that he would be mindful of the current time and so that he would not be late for school nor any of the after school activities. His very first watch was a Casio. The digital display was very advanced for the day, and the adjustable strap actually fit his ten year old wrist.

    Now, twenty years later, I have to buy another birthday present for him. It occurred to me that one of the new Casio watches would be a perfect gift. It would have significance to both of us and it would be a great, practical gift. Every man wants to wear a nice watch, yet many of them never seem to get around to shopping for one.


    The Casio G-Shock that I picked out for his birthday gift is solar powered, so it never needs the battery replaced. And it sets the time each morning using a radio signal. These are called atomic. I love all the scientific advantages of the new watches, and they look great, too.

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