• Finding the Best Atlanta Wedding Locations

    There are countless options when it comes to selecting Atlanta, GA wedding venues. Couples can select a location that is as extravagant or simple as they desire. The ideal venue will be reasonably priced, accessible and easy to cater to. 

    Traditional Wedding Venues in Atlanta

    The most common event and wedding venue option in Atlanta is a rented hall. Hiring a hall allows couples a large amount of flexibility.  They can to set up a buffet line, tables and chairs and a dance floor. If the hall is not attached to a restaurant, couples will generally be permitted to use their own caterer. This will bring down the cost of the event considerably.  Anyone who is considering this option should look in catering costs, how to decorate the hall and the maximum capacity of the space. Halls are an excellent aspect for brides who want to plan every aspect of their wedding.

    There are also Atlanta venues which offer more than just a simple hall for hire. These venues sometimes have entertainment options and catering.  If couples take up the catering option, the venue will look after everything from the appetizers to the dessert. They may even be able to bake a wedding cake for an additional cost. Using a venue with a catering option means that couples will not have to use multiple vendors for their wedding. The end result is that the wedding will be much easier to plan. 

    Some brides are looking for a unique wedding venue. Luckily, Atlanta is not short of options. Couples can choose a garden wedding, hire a rental property or book a hotel or restaurant with unusual decor. If a couple decides to do this, they will have to plan each portion of their wedding with different vendors. For this reason, these weddings should be planned well in advance of the wedding date.

    Lastly, couples should consider choosing a venue with a wedding package. Wedding packages are becoming more and more popular as some brides are no longer prepared to waste time on planning every aspect of their wedding. Wedding packages usually include the venue, transportation, flowers and decor. Some packages even have a reception option. As the venue is planning the entire wedding in-house, wedding packages are generally cheaper than using different suppliers.

    Planning a wedding in Atlanta GA is not difficult. Once the couple has selected a venue, everything else will fall into place. Because venues look different in pictures, it is important to view them in person before signing a contract. The last thing couples want is to arrive at the venue on their wedding day and be let down by its appearance. After couples have chosen a venue, they should sit down with venue manager and negotiate a price. It is worth noting that weekends and Friday nights will generally be more expensive than other nights. At this point, the consultant will be able to tell the couple whether or not the venue offers additional services such as catering.


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