• Quick detour to the music store

    Guest post by Carrie Shifflet

    When Sherry came to visit us last week she told us that she needed to find (and make a detour) to a local music store on the way to the beach. She had been packing to get ready to go off to college and realized that her trombone mouthpiece had cracked and she wanted to buy a couple of new bach trombone mouthpieces to take with her when she took off for school.

    I told her to look online for the nearest music stores and make a few phone calls to check and see what they have in stock. Maybe we could make a quick trip to the store before the trip to the beach. Once we get on the road to the beach I really don’t like detours here and there – it gets us to the beach so late, and I don’t like dealing with the traffic to begin with. Fortunately we found a place nearby and Jim drove Sherry into town to pick up the mouthpieces. That made me feel a lot happier, and more relaxed about the beach trip.

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