• Dealing with conflict

    For years I have told people that my family puts the “fun” in “dysfunctional” and they always laugh. I laugh too, because it is a pretty good play on words. But the sad truth is that often there are family members that have a lot of trouble communicating with each other, and that can cause a lot of problems when family parties are being held. Unfortunately I seem to be the one who has to hold the parties at my house, and when I try to prepare for the party I am frequently told by other family members that they have issues with certain other family members and I get to hear the entire sordid story over and over again about why this person is upset with the other person.

    Everyone seems to think that the other person should change their ways, and nobody is willing to compromise. Everyone holds grudges forever and ever. Times that should be celebrations turn into screaming matches. When I declare that I am going to stop holding the family celebrations, however, everyone gets upset and insists that we should still hold the celebrations. From time to time I say that I want to hold it at a restaurant instead of my house, but then everyone gets upset over that, too. Seems that some people can’t afford to pay for their meal at a restaurant, and nobody else wants to pay for them. What to do, what to do. Sometimes I feel like pulling out my hair!

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