• Motorcycle run for a good cause

    Motorcycle run for an elementary school is such a great cause. People used to look down on bikers for so long, but the one thing that they could never say, is that bikers don’t care about their community. Every year all over the country, these wonderful people have motorcycle runs that benefit children in many different areas. Most times it is a toy run for Christmas toys for underprivileged children, but sometimes they do them for other things like raising funds for schools. I think it is awesome that they put forth not only their time organizing such events, but their money as well.

    Of course they get to do the one thing they love the most and that is ride their motorcycles on a nice long drive. Usually there is a concert of local talent at the park or area where the ride ends. You can usually buy various items from local vendors as well. The vendors sometimes even donate a large portion of their sales to the charity to help raise as much as possible. I have been to a few of these by simply driving to it, but they were always a lot of fun and were totally worth the money it cost to get in.

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