• Needed a new watch battery

    Sometimes I wish that all battery-operated watches came with a “low battery” warning light. I have several battery-operated watches, and although I don’t NEED them to tell me what time it is (because I usually have my cell phone in my pocket to check the time) I like having a watch on my arm when I go out so that I can check the time without rummaging around in my pockets for my cell phone. I find it very annoying how many stores there are that do not have any clocks on their walls for the shoppers to be able to keep track of the time.

    Anyway, yesterday I was getting ready to go out to keep a doctor’s appointment, and as I strapped my favorite watch onto my arm I saw that the watch had stopped. Annoyed, I made a mental note to go to the jewelry store while I was in town to get them to replace the battery. The jewelry store was only a little bit out of the way, and after my appointment was over I drove over and went inside, and asked the clerk if she could take put a new battery in my watch. She said it would only take a few minutes, and to feel free to look around the store while I waited. Well, the first thing to catch my eye was the display of pandora charms, and I spent the entire “few minutes” looking at all of the different charms. Before I knew it my watch was ready to go. I paid the $10.43 for the new battery, and was on my way lickety-split.

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