• What is the significance behind the name palomino

    When Steve was telling me that he was thinking about buying a dean palomino I had no idea what he was talking about. It turns out that the “Dean” is the name of the company that makes a guitar. How and why the word “Palomino” is there I don’t know. Is “Dean” the first name of the guy who started the company, and “Palomino” is the last name of the founder? I tried to google the information and got no where at all. I’m confused. When I think of the word “Palomino” I think of a very pretty color of a horse. Was this type of guitar named after a horse? I know it is silly of me to get hung up on things like this. Sometimes I worry about these crazy little things that bother me. Makes me feel like there is a little bit of Adrian Monk hiding inside, just below the surface.

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