• Good Luck and Best Wishes

    My friend Linda was so excited to share with me all of the things she has been doing to help the Ruritans since she became the Lt. Governor of the Ruritan Rapidan District at the beginning of the year. She also volunteered to be the Publicity Chair of the District, and she has been drumming up so many ways to get the word out in the community about the Community Service organization. She joined her local Jefferson VA Ruritan club in August of 2012, and she has been keeping busy ever since then to try to increase public awareness and recruit new members into the club.

    She has written a lot of press releases that got published in local newspapers, had television stations run PSAs, reached out to radio stations and local websites, and designed a few websites promoting the community she lives in and the club she joined. She is so excited about helping the clubs to meet their goals! I hope that the clubs appreciate all she is doing for them! Good luck Linda!

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