• Where to Lay Your Head

    Guest post by Alicia Cooper

    When I moved to California two years, one of the first things I needed to decide and handle was where was I going to sleep? Seriously, to move across country and not have a house ready and waiting for you can be extremely stressful.

    I used my place of employment as a center point in my search for someplace to live, and found a great condo about 30 minutes away from the office. Except in rush hour traffic – the drive would often grow to an hour. And then on the worst day ever, it took 5 hours to get home because of a huge traffic accident involving both a tractor trailer and a cop car. So anyone on the freeway near that accident scene was doomed to sit and wait for HOURS.

    As soon as I committed to the condo, the next thing I wanted to do was buy a good bed. There were plenty of other things that need to be bought to furnish the condo, but finding a good bed was at the top of my list.

    I liked one of the websites that I found online and the variety of beds that they show on their site. They have so many different styles and excellent prices, it makes shopping for beds very easy. I love the dark leather padded headboard and foot board of the Tuscany bed on their site. I would love to get that in a king size and find some dark wood bedroom furniture to match it.

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