• I blame the airline for losing my favorite pocket knife

    Thanks for the guest post written by my friend Linda Bradshaw

    I was really excited to be going to the big Ruritan convention in last January, but I was concerned about the fact that I was going to have to fly to get there. I don’t enjoy flying at all, but the reality was that the drive was just not going to be possible – especially in the winter.

    One of the reasons that I don’t enjoy flying is that I cannot carry my pocket knife onto the plane with me. I know it seems odd that a woman would carry a pocket knife, but I feel quite “nekked” without it in my pocket! So I have to put it in my checked baggage if I want to have it with me at my destination.

    So, I packed my favorite pocket knife in my checked baggage, inside an interior zippered pocket. And I sadly watched the baggage disappear into the security screening room, anxious to pick it up at the destination airport and retrieve my beloved knife to put it back in the pocket where it belongs.

    Imagine my dismay when I arrived at my destination and found that someone else had taken MY bag home with them in error! Long story short, by the time I got my bag (days later) my pocket knife had been stolen by SOMEBODY, and replaced with a dirty, broken, smoke detector! And the airline will do NOTHING to replace it!

    So I actually spent several hours looking at buck knives for sale at the convention, and several area retail stores. Sadly, I could not find a suitable replacement knife anywhere. My hubby has suggested that maybe I could find what I needed at the folding knives canada website that he had used to find the knife that he carries around with him. I’ll check it out, but I’m still quite annoyed over the whole situation, and it will be a while before I fly anywhere again unless it is a matter of life an death.

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