• My Place

    My condo in California was almost a dream house. The only thing lacking was a backyard. There were plenty of nice park-like common areas with beautiful landscaping, arbors and benches, and of course a huge pool. But I like having a backyard with a little privacy, and there was none.

    The tiny front yard needed almost no maintenance and I never did use the deck in the front off the porch and entryway. There was just too much traffic on the road in front of the condo to be comfortable sitting out there. but it was a nice feature and a lot of my neighbors used their deck for plantings.

    I loved the layout and floorplan of the condo, though. The lowest level was a two car garage and dry storage area, the next level was the living room and powder room. Then half a flight of stair up to the dining room and kitchen. Then the last level up was three good sized bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a laundry area.

    It was perfect for just me, with one of the 3 bedrooms used as a home office and the 3rd bedroom used as a guest room. It did not use much electricity for the size of the condo, and the kitchen was one of the best layouts I’ve ever had – complete with a side by side refrigerator and a wonderful gas stove, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal.

    Loved that condo – it broke my heart to leave it and come back East.

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