• Top Eight Cities to Invest in During 2014

    Top Eight Cities to Invest in During 2014

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    If you’re looking to move for work, or just looking for a change of pace, check out these eight cities listed below. Thriving and worth a move, these cities will be a wise investment.


    1. Scottsdale, Arizona

    Arizona has plenty to offer to those looking for a fresh start in an exciting area. Diverse in both demographic and terrain, newcomers can be sure they will find a city they fall in love with. Scottsdale in particular is a thriving enterprise just 20 minutes from Phoenix. Known as the Valley of the Sun, Scottsdale has more than 200 golf courses to choose from, and is a center for fashion, the arts, and family fun. Before making the big move, be sure to set up the essentials in your new home like DIRECT TV SCOTTSDALE, wireless Internet, and electricity so that you’re place feels like home immediately.


    2. Boulder, Colorado

    Located near the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is known for its active lifestyle. For anyone who loves being outdoors, Boulder offers rock climbing, kayaking, and snow skiing, among other sports. It also includes family-friendly attractions that appeal to all ages. Plus, the area is a mecca for health foodies who love supporting locally grown food and local businesses.


    3. Madison, Wisconsin

    About 80 miles west of Lake Michigan, Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has been named as the Most Educated City in America by Men’s Health magazine. This business-friendly capitol is known for its entrepreneurs, lively music scene, and family-friendly atmosphere.


    4. Eugene, Oregon

    Set right in between the ocean and mountains, Eugene is for the outdoor explorer. It has sustainable businesses and booming food and music venues. For the twenty-something adventurers, Eugene is one of the best areas to put down some roots, for it caters to both the social and business aspects of a single lifestyle.


    5. Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Best known as home of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is third in the nation on Forbes’ education rankings. Ann Arbor includes a strong and flourishing workforce, and has more than 150 parks and attractions to keep residents entertained.


    6. Greensboro, North Carolina

    Located 90 minutes outside of Raleigh, Greensboro is packed with places that cater to both business and pleasure. Greensboro has a growing health-care industry yet also yields to the outdoor and artsy folks with its canoeing, kayaking, and art galleries.


    7. Pasadena, California

    Beautiful, historic Pasadena is renowned for its Tournament of Roses Parade, Rose Bowl, and its exceptional historic architecture. It’s the perfect blend of city and suburban, for gorgeous, quiet neighborhoods are just minutes from the booming city. Full of business enterprises, local independent businesses, and entertainment like concert venues, art museums, and hip bars, this area is the best of both worlds.


    8. White Plains, New York

    Just 25 miles north of Manhattan, White Plains is a thriving city in its own right—a corporate center that also accommodates a vibrant downtown and people-friendly community. Known for its excellent school system, White Plains is a great investment for anyone who wants to live right outside of the city.


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