• Life is full of curve-balls

    Several months ago I promised my sister that she could use my house to throw a graduation party for her daughter. The plan was for me to be pressured to accomplish long-over-due de-cluttering of several rooms. I’ve made great progress towards that goal. I have paced myself to work a little bit every day to go through things, and fill up a trash bag and a recycling bag, and a good-will bag every day. The goal was to spend about two hours a day working on the project.

    One of the most interesting things I discovered, while de-cluttering the place, is that most of the items that I have to deal with actually belong to “not me.” Over the years, these rooms have become “temporary resting spots” for things such as unwanted gifts that no one wants to put in their room. So even though my hubby was crabbing at me almost every day to clean up “my” mess, apparently more than 80% of the clutter belongs to other family members!

    So, I am sorting through the items, and putting them into boxes according to their proper owner. When the box is full, I am delivering the box to the room of the rightful owner and leaving it in the middle of their floor. I think it is appropriate that they find some place else for their belongings! I don’t care if they store it in their room, sell it on Ebay, give it to GoodWill, or throw it away! Just get it out of “my” rooms!

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