• Home Security for the Summer

    Burgler (free clip art)

    Burgler (free clip art)

    Summer is upon us. School is almost out. It is time for families to take long vacations and spend days out and about in great weather. All the fun will more than likely take families away from their homes frequently. There is no better reason than this than to make sure that a home has the best security so you can have worry free fun.

    Don’t Advertise

    There are sure to be some family trips on the horizon with summer knocking on our doors. Be sure not to advertise across social media sites about the trip. This is public information and can be seen by anyone. This information in the wrong hands could put a home in danger. It is unwise to post any information about when your home will be completely vacated on social media.

    Security System

    Home security systems are always a great idea to install in a home. Security systems are more affordable than ever today. With many different security system options available today, there are varying prices to fit any family’s budget. A family has the option of Ashburn ADT security or a security system from any other city or company. Get informed on all of the home security systems that are on the market.

    Here’s your Sign

    Display home security signs in the front yard or in a front window, even if you do not have an alarm system. These signs can be found cheaply through various websites online. Invest in a “beware of dog” sign as well. The signs become cautions to burglars. They will think twice about choosing your home as their next target. An alarm and dog no longer make a home an easy target.

    Check the Locks

    Check all the locks on all the access points of your home. If they are weak or can be easily picked it is time to install new locks. Buy a couple deadbolts to put on the front and back doors. Make sure to lock everything at night and when the house is empty during the day.

    Help from a Friend

    If you are going to be out of town for a long period of time, seek the help of a neighbor or a friend. Have them take off fliers from the door steps and help keep the yard cleaned up. Keeping the yard clean and clutter off the doorstep will give off the appearance that the house is inhabited even if the family is away. When there is a buildup of fliers on the door or doorstep, or a few papers in the driveway, an intruder will be alerted to the fact that the family is away. This will make the home an immediate target.

    Don’t let the worry of your home’s security ruin your family’s summer fun. By using these few tips, you and your family are able to enjoy your family vacation or endless days out in the sun. Remember not to advertise, secure the home, put up signs, check locks, and get help from a friend. Be sure to start the summer off right.

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