• Musicians can find what they need online

    Back in the late sixties, or maybe it was the early seventies, I recall going to a big concert in Washington DC and hearing, for the first time, what my friends called a “moog.” I had no idea what a “moog” was, and they explained that it was a music synthesizer! Well, the machine made so many unearthly noises, the crowd really enjoyed it immensely! Nowadays, music synthesizers don’t just make unearthly noises, they replicate the sound of many “real” instruments that one would expect (in my day and age) to only hear if you went to see a real, live, band. Synthesizers like the ones that they sell at the musiciansfriend.com website sure make it easy for one musician to do it all. That can be a good thing, but it makes me a little bit sad to think of all of the aspiring musicians in the world that are being replaced by machines.

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