• Serious cleaning

    Imagine my distress when I realized that over the last winter our enjoyment of the propane fireplace had resulted in greasy soot damage all over the house! We first noticed the residue when we were cleaning the ceiling fan in the living room. I noticed that there are black splotches all over the ceiling! At first we thought it might be mold. Perhaps the roof had sprung a leak, and the insulation in the attic might have gotten wet and moldy, and the mold grew down into the living room ceiling!

    My hubby used a finger and ran it through one of the black splotches. He decided that the residue was not mold at all – he said it was soot from the propane fireplace! Once he told me that, I started to look around at other items in the house to see if they were covered with soot as well. I took down the curtains and washed them, washed the windows, and wiped down the pictures and decorative items on the walls. They were all covered with soot as well!

    Now we are going to have to call in some professionals to take care of the rest. We’ll need them to steam clean our carpets and upholstered furniture. All of this cleaning is wearing us out!

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