• Grilling and Cooking Outdoors

    As much as I like to cook, I love the idea of a complete outdoor kitchen. The best part of living in the South is that most evenings you can enjoy being outdoors. So what can be better than coming home from work, firing up the grill, and kicking back on the deck with a mojito while you inhale the heavenly aroma of steaks on open flame?

    My girlfriend Heather has a huge deck along the back of her house and she does the same thing, except her hubby is the one in charge of the grill. He’s a chef by trade, so you know that everything he cooks is going to taste great. The first thing they did when they moved into their new house was spiff up the deck to include a complete outdoor kitchen and a huge stone fireplace for extra warmth while cooking and dining outdoors in the cooler months.

    Their idea of a great kitchen includes everything in either stainless steel or teak wood. Stainless steel is so easy to clean after use and is the preferred surface for the professionals. I found some great built in grills that I could easily use at my house for a good start on my own outdoor kitchen. Now I just need to save up the money!

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