• Laser shows are fun to watch

    It has been a very long time since I’ve been anywhere that had a laser show, but I usually find them quite entertaining to watch. One such example is the YouTube video that I’ve shared above this post. This particular laser show is of a French commercial for a brand of bottled water. I think the commercial is really funny! I’ve seen some YouTube videos of people’s homes that use lasers to put on a light show for holidays, and set them to music as well. Those are great to watch, too. My hubby has been talking about looking at lasers and wanting to order one to put on a show on our house for Christmas, too. He’s always wanting to decorate the house like crazy for Christmas!

    I hate always telling him “no” about things like that – I feel like such a curmudgeon! But with money as tight as it is, I always worry about having enough money to pay the electric bill! Maybe I should just put the electric bill in his name and let HIM worry about it!

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