• Natural Wood Furniture Is My Favorite

    patio furniture (free clip art)

    patio furniture (free clip art)

    When I go to visit someone’s house during the warmer months, we often find ourselves outside on their back patio or deck. I have had the opportunity to see a lot of different styles of outdoor furniture over the years. I’ve noticed that as we’ve matured (code for entering our geriatric years!) I’ve noticed that people’s choices of outdoor furniture has evolved a lot. When we were all younger, we tended to purchase plastic furniture. Largely because it was so inexpensive, but also because it was easy to clean and move around. It usually stacked quite well, so we could often pack up the furniture and store it in the garage or a shed over the winter months. But if we got any kind of wind at all, it would blow away – never to be seen again!

    Some of my friends would use wicker furniture instead, and actually used it for both indoor and outdoor! It was so lightweight they just picked it up and moved it from their living room to their patio when they were entertaining! It looked a little less tacky than the plastic furniture, but the wicker didn’t seem to be very sturdy. I don’t think that the wicker would stand up to pets or kids for more than a few months! And I think that would not be able to handle much more wind than the plastic furniture – it just looked nicer.

    I’ve seen quite a bit of outdoor furniture that is made of some type of metal – like iron, or brushed aluminum, or steel. To be honest, I didn’t much care for them – they seemed to oxidize and disintegrate fairly quickly. I am always concerned about oxidized metal being a health hazard – I think of tetanus shots and lockjaw!

    By far my favorite choice in Home and Patio D├ęcor Furniture – Teak. It has a warm, natural feeling to it. Teak holds up well in bad weather, and can withstand the trials of family life. If I were in the market for Outdoor Furniture right now, and could take my pick of material, I’d pick teak.

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