• Emergency Room Scare

    One of the things that upsets me about my husband is that when he catches a cold or virus, he will crawl into bed and essentially live there for the entire ten days that he is sick. He refuses to eat or drink, and only gets out of bed to use the bathroom.

    When I try to encourage him to get out of bed and walk around, to avoid a blood clot, or to drink something to prevent dehydration, he gets angry with me and yells at me to leave him alone.

    Then he gets so dehydrated that he gets really sick and I end up taking him to the Emergency Room because he becomes convinced that he is dying. They usually just pump him full of saline solution to re-hydrate him, and run dozens of tests (which costs a lot of money) and after five hours they send him home feeling much better because he has been rehydrated with the saline solution.

    Well, the last time this happened, in addition to being dehydrated, he complained of pain in his legs. The tests showed blood clots in his legs. Why? Because the stubborn guy had refused to get up and walk around! So this visit ended with all kinds of drama, with the doctors being afraid that the blood clots would move to his lungs or heart or brain and kill him! And he is now on blood thinners for the rest of his life!

    The moral of the story here, folks, is that even when you are feeling sick, you need to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and you need to walk around several times a day to prevent blood clots! Nobody needs to be rushed to the hospital over something as simple as this! Your health is important, and you need to protect it!

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