• Hot Water

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is ever a good time to lose your water heater in your house. Of course, some times are worse than others. For example, in the middle of a cold northern winter, while taking a shower with your waist-length hair full of shampoo is worse than the middle of the summertime! The last time we lost our Indianapolis Water Heater it was early spring. Thankfully no one was trying to take a shower at the time!

    When your water heater dies, you obviously want someone to come out to your house and repair or replace it as quickly as possible! When our water heater died, we were lucky enough to call a Indianapolis Water Heater repair company that came out that same day to check it out. Sadly, we needed to buy a new one because ours had rusted out and was leaking hot water all over the floor. There really is no coming back from that one!

    The Indianapolis Water Heater company that came out was prepared to replace our water heater the same day – they had brought one with them because I had told them what the existing one was and that it was leaking all over the floor. The whole process was only a couple of hours of inconvenience for us. We were grateful to be able to take our showers later that day!

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