• Online Family Trees

    Several years ago I created an family tree and posted it online, thinking that it was a really cool thing to do. Recently one of my sons asked me if I could remove it, since he was concerned that my maiden name was “out there” for everyone to see, and that is a common security question that is used for many sensitive things. Turns out, I cannot remove that, as I had submitted it to a company for them to use.

    I wish I had thought of that issue before I had posted it! I felt so stupid! So, when my girlfriend told me about this new online family tree website by iBiographer dot com, I told her that I would be very reluctant to use it because of those security issues my son had brought up to me.

    She assured me that this new website was private, and secure, and told me to read this press release about the iBiographer dot com family tree website. I read the press release, and came to understand that the only people that can see the information that is put on the website are authorized by the person who creates the family tree. That sounded a lot more secure than the website I had posted on years ago!

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