• Up the Ante

    Advertisement has been around for as long as people have had a product to sell. In ancient Egypt, people used to write advertisements on pieces of papyrus. The Greeks and the Romans would paint their advertisements on walls. Meanwhile, the Chinese would take bamboo instruments into the markets, perform for the audience, then invite them to buy at a local store. Even the Europeans of the middle Ages would take images of their product to market to help lure customers into nearby stores.

    Times have changed, though, and the 21st century has seen advertising budgets shift away from physical media into the electronic realm. If you’re thinking about taking your advertisements to the next level, it may be time to think about hiring crew for video production. Video advertisement has become increasingly common since its introduction in the 1940s, and has made up the largest part of the ad budget for many major companies.

    A well-produced video spot can grab new customers and help retain old ones. Through an engaging format and a clear message, you can help get word out about your business to a large potential audience. If it’s time for your business to expand, consider a video advertisement.

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