• Red Glasses

    In the third grade, I sat in a desk in the front row and I could not see the teacher’s writing on the blackboard. My eyesight went from normal in the second grade to really poor in the third grade. And over the years is has gotten worse.

    Off and on over the years I wore contact lenses or eyeglasses so that I could see distances. Then when I hit 40, my eye doctor started fussing about whether or not I could see to read. Evidently, most people start needing reading glasses when they get in their 40’s. So then come the dreaded bifocals.

    I’ve been wearing bifocals for a while and I’m OK with that, but I do like to wear contact lenses. The problem is that with my prescription, my astigmatism and now needing bifocals, there are no contacts that work for me. So I am still wearing glasses for every day wear.


    The last pair of glasses that I bought cost me about $300. I know that I should have an extra pair, but not at $300 a pop. So when my girlfriend told me about a website called ZenniOptical dot com that sells designer glasses for under $50, I was amazed. At that price I can buy several fashion pairs and have different colors to change up my look each day.

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