• Sweet Tooth

    The best thing about some of my favorite holidays is that they involve candy. I don’t eat much candy throughout the year as a casual snack, but when Halloween, Easter and Christmas come around, my sweet tooth goes into overdrive.

    As a kid, we would go down to the corner drugstore and buy Bazooka Bubble Gum and a comic book and get change back from a quarter. But I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve seen penny candy anywhere. The only way to save money on candy these days is to buy Wholesale Candy and share it with family or friends, or make it part of your gift giving.

    Have you ever noticed how most people will name a chocolate candy when asked to name their favorite candy? I think that chocolate is appreciated and favored all over the world. But there are other popular candies, such as liquorice and gummies, and some candies for special ocassions, like the sugar coated almonds that are given away as favors for Wedding Candy.

    I always thought that the Jordon almonds were for movie theater candy purchases, because that was my mom’s favorite candy and she would buy that at the movie theater snack bar to share with us at the matinees. It wasn’t until I started working DJ jobs at wedding receptions that I knew they had another purpose!

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