• First Furniture

    When I first got married, we moved into a small house with no furniture, so my mother said that I could take my bedroom furniture with me. The only problem with that is that my childhood bed was just a twin size bed, and hardly large enough for me and my new husband to share. So the very first furniture we had to buy was a new mattress.

    At the time I did not know much about furniture, especially beds and mattresses. So we went to a good store and asked a lot of questions, and laid on dozens of floor models to try them out. I felt like Goldilocks and the three Bears, testing all the different mattresses. Some were too soft, some were too hard, and the Beautyrest was just right.

    The smartest thing we did that first year of being married was to buy a Beautyrest queen size mattress. It was perfect for us. Now that we’ve gotten older, and that mattress has worn out, we have gone with the newest king-sized Sleepnumber bed, with a split mattress. I love that because my husband likes a firmer mattress now than I do, and he likes to sleep with his head elevated a little bit, while I need to sleep on a very flat surface. Isn’t it interesting how sleeping needs change as time goes on?

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