• Our Current Big Baby Boy Boom

    Has anyone else noticed that we are having a bit of a baby boom? Maybe it is just my circle of family and friends that are currently going through this baby business, but it seems like this year I have been bombarded with invitations to baby showers and announcements of new babies landing in my mailbox at the end of the drive way and in my email inbox as well. There is no where else to hide, yikes!

    My sister’s sister-in-law just had a surprise birth announcement in her family, so I am sure that I will go buy some receiving blankets and a few little outfits for her new granddaughter here in the near future, then wrap them up and get them in the mail. This is the first girl to arrive of all the other births this year. Everyone else has been having baby boys. And these baby boys are coming out big and strong. I haven’t heard of one yet that isn’t at least nine pounds!

    The one thing about baby showers that I enjoy is the shopping for the presents. There is nothing quite like going into a nice up scale baby store and enjoy looking at and touching all the wonderful baby clothes and all of the other tons of baby related items. They always smell so nice and usually everything is extremely soft. I would never order something for a baby over the Internet, that would suck any enjoyment out of the whole ordeal!

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