• What a Difference a Few Years Can Make

    hourglass (free clip art)

    hourglass (free clip art)

    Having grown up in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area, I am very accustomed to being in an urban setting. I have worked in downtown locations and lived in just about every type of modern American dwelling – from apartment to condo to townhouse to single family homes as little as 800 sq. ft. to over 6,000 sq. ft.

    I once designed and built my dream home. It was almost perfect, and if I had the chance to live there longer I could have made the couple of small changes necessary and had a wonderful house to live in my whole life. Unfortunately, that required having a loving, faithful, dependable husband to help take care of the family. So I moved out and moved on.

    I used to love going downtown – day or night. I love all the big cities. Especially Chicago. But I’ve lost my taste for the urban setting other than maybe a weekend visit here and there. I am longing to be out in the country or down on the beach. I would love to have more solitude in my life. I need and miss my alone time.

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