• What Costume for This Year?

    With all the different hit movies this summer, there has been a lot for kids.

    So that leaves parents in a bit of a dilemma. Which movie character will the kids want to be for Halloween? I have already seen some costumes in the stores and I think it is too early to buy Halloween costumes. But then again, if you wait too long, there is a good chance that the popular kids halloween costumes will be sold out or no longer available in the right size.

    My favorite costume web site has costumes for children and adults. I was looking at the boys costumes they carry. The kids have a huge variety of characters from which to choose. There are all the traditional types of costumes, like zombies, devils, and witches, and all the new popular movie characters, too.

    So I’m all for the idea of ordering the Halloween costumes now and having them safely delivered and on hand for this year’s trick or treating.

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