• Does Anyone Check The Prices?

    If the TV show, “The Price is Right” comes on my TV, then either I am very late for work or I am at home, too sick to go out. I do not like this show at all. I think it is just one step above the Jerry Springer show for displaying people at their worst. However, I reluctantly admit that it may be on my TV for short periods of time every once in a great while. At least until I find the remote to change the channel or turn it off.

    It has always bothered me that so many of the “games” featured on this show involve guessing the retail price of an assortment of items. I wonder if anyone has ever actually audited the show’s claims of the correct prices? Sometimes when the person has to decide between an box of DiGel and a bottle or Mr. Clean floor cleaner, I wonder if the actual price from a local store is displayed or did someone backstage arrange for the prices to predetermine a winner?

    Is the price shown what you would pay at a full service grocery store or at a discount store like WalMart? Does anyone check this out and verify the prices shown are actual prices on a shelf someplace?

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