• Modern Artisans

    In the upscale part of town there are some exclusive boutiques and shops that I’ve never ventured in. The types of shops where a summer dress can cost over $500, where imported Egyptian sheets and other luxury bedding can cost up to a thousand dollars. You know the scene.

    Well, today I had to run an errand in “that” part of town and it did not take as long as anticipated, so I decided on a whim to stop by one of those little shops and just take a peek. I enjoy window shopping when I get the chance. The shop is called American Artisan and they carry a wonderful selection of handmade and imported items, such as jewelry, glass, ceramics, wood, lamps, metal and fine art. I particularly like a display of stylized ceramic buildings called “Prayer Towers,” crafted by Holden McCurry.

    I found McCurry on the internet and browsed through some of the other items he creates. He is a talented artist but his website was disappointingly primitive and limited.

    The prayer towers are very inspiring and if I have an opportunity I hope to go back one day soon and buy one of his works.

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