Hummingbird Camp Retreat offers a number of activities to add to your event’s itinerary.  The campuses alone offer pleasant walks through forest, field and along the Jemez River. The camp director will take your group on an invigorating hike to a hidden falls. This hike includes breathtaking views and a chance to romp around in a mountain waterfall.  We’ll guide your group on another spectacular trek that is a bit more rigorous. On this hike you’ll find evidence of life in New Mexico from thousands of years ago among the Ponderosa Pines, Douglas Furs and scrub oak that line the trail. Ask the Hummingbird booking team to include a hike during your stay at Hummingbird Camp Retreat.

All three campuses at Hummingbird Camp Retreat have fire pits where you can enjoy a campfire and sing songs while munching on s’mores. The camp director will share a scary tale or two around the campfire to entertain your group. The weather, at times, may not permit an outdoor campfire. Your group can enjoy storytelling, song singing and s’mores munching in front of the fireplace in the dining hall’s lounge. Let Hummingbird Camp Retreat’s staff add a campfire to your planned event.

Hummingbird Camp Retreat has a couple of basketball hoops centrally located where your group can practice shooting or play a game of H O R S E.  Next to the b-ball court there is a net and square set up for volleyball. You can also find space by the apple orchard to play a game of soccer or football. Indoor board games are available in the lounge in the ding hall. Please feel free to visit the Hummingbird Camp Retreat and we’ll show you these features to help you plan your trip here.

There are 53 spectacular acres at Hummingbird Camp Retreat, and the Jemez River runs through it.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service stocks the river regularly, so you may catch and release to your heart’s content. Take a few fish to the kitchen and the cooks will prepare them for you, or you could leave a couple for Wanda.  She enjoys a trout dinner when you do! Whether or not you care to fish the river offers  many exquisite settings for walking, sitting, relaxing and enjoying the Hummingbird Camp Retreat.