Flat Shoes are the Latest Fad

flat shoes (free clip art)
flat shoes (free clip art)

The good thing about flat shoes is that they don’t often give you back pain or shorten the area between the waist and the hips as heels do. They are so popular that every second woman is wearing them. Lord and Taylor has lots on offer, ranging from simple slip-ons to ballet-type lace-ups, and from the rounded to the pointy. So long as you have your Groupon Coupons ready, you can have several different types in your closet and still make some savings. You don’t have to spend money beforehand to get the coupons.

Flat shoes are comfortable and dainty and so long as they fit right, they can make your feet look elegant. They can be worn with any clothing item – jeans, skirts, dresses, and even wedding dresses because they range from the casual to the formal.

Flat shoes are also being associated with women and girl power because they involve a conscious choice. Women can wear flats and still feel feminine. The problem is that femininity is often associated only with heels.

Whatever you wear, however, make sure it fits the occasion. The flat shoes you wear to a wedding are not the same ones you would wear to the mall or market, or even to work. Flats also come in different colors but be careful when you choose to wear the brightly-colored ones. If you work in a high powered environment where formal suits are the order of the day, be sure to wear elegant brown or black shoes. You don’t want to wear orange shoes that get you noticed for their color rather than your output.

Another good thing is that you can pass your flats around the family. You can share shoes with your girl children, something that is difficult to do if you are confining yourself to heels. But for optimal comfort, choose flats that are a comfortable fit, and made with soft leather or other durable and fine material. Head on to Lord and Taylor and have fun choosing from their variety of styles.


Up the Ante

Advertisement has been around for as long as people have had a product to sell. In ancient Egypt, people used to write advertisements on pieces of papyrus. The Greeks and the Romans would paint their advertisements on walls. Meanwhile, the Chinese would take bamboo instruments into the markets, perform for the audience, then invite them to buy at a local store. Even the Europeans of the middle Ages would take images of their product to market to help lure customers into nearby stores.

Times have changed, though, and the 21st century has seen advertising budgets shift away from physical media into the electronic realm. If you’re thinking about taking your advertisements to the next level, it may be time to think about hiring crew for video production. Video advertisement has become increasingly common since its introduction in the 1940s, and has made up the largest part of the ad budget for many major companies.

A well-produced video spot can grab new customers and help retain old ones. Through an engaging format and a clear message, you can help get word out about your business to a large potential audience. If it’s time for your business to expand, consider a video advertisement.

First Furniture

When I first got married, we moved into a small house with no furniture, so my mother said that I could take my bedroom furniture with me. The only problem with that is that my childhood bed was just a twin size bed, and hardly large enough for me and my new husband to share. So the very first furniture we had to buy was a new mattress.

At the time I did not know much about furniture, especially beds and mattresses. So we went to a good store and asked a lot of questions, and laid on dozens of floor models to try them out. I felt like Goldilocks and the three Bears, testing all the different mattresses. Some were too soft, some were too hard, and the Beautyrest was just right.

The smartest thing we did that first year of being married was to buy a Beautyrest queen size mattress. It was perfect for us. Now that we’ve gotten older, and that mattress has worn out, we have gone with the newest king-sized Sleepnumber bed, with a split mattress. I love that because my husband likes a firmer mattress now than I do, and he likes to sleep with his head elevated a little bit, while I need to sleep on a very flat surface. Isn’t it interesting how sleeping needs change as time goes on?

Halloween Karaoke

This year I have been asked to help round up some karaoke stuff for our annual Halloween party at work. We don’t go all out for the Christmas holidays at work because people are all ready over whelmed at that time, so we really do it up big for Halloween. We haven’t ever ventured into Karaoke, so this will be very interesting and hopefully very entertaining. I’ve found a lot of cool stuff online today, acekaraoke seems to be on the top of the list at this point. I don’t have much time and don’t want to have to spread myself too thin so tomorrow I’ll show what I have come up with to my manager and take it from there. It should be a blast. I’m gonna try and take plenty of pictures this year, since last year no one thought to bring a camera except for a few cell phones that take some pretty crappy photos. And we had so many cool costumes last year. Can’t wait to see how absurd some of my co workers get this year.

How to Get the Best Jewelry On the Market

Since the first humans found shiny objects in the ground that had been excavated, humans have had a burning desire for jewelry. Usually seen as some sort of status symbol to a homeland, jewelry has evolved many times over into the gorgeous pieces for sale today. Our forefathers couldn’t imagine the pristine condition all the jewels are in these days. For the majority of Americans, jewelry can be bought on multiple occasions, especially for a significant other. Of course, the big one is marriage, that doesn’t have to be the reason for the purchase. If you need a great selection of jewelry, coupled with exceptional service, then Goodman & Sons Jewelers is the place to make all your jewelry dreams come true.

Whether you are searching for an anniversary gift, an engagement ring, or just window-shopping, only the best professionals will assist you in any way necessary. Purchasing jewelry is an art, and takes a certain amount of culture and knowledge to make the right buy. That’s why all the professionals that will be helping you are experienced and knowledgeable about any products we have in stock. Try not to let your better judgment get away from you, find the right jewel for your special someone today.